'Belle is so encouraging and generally cares about her clients, their goal and how to get them there. Her enthusiasm is infectious.'

Katie Ginger



'Belle has been great, she pushed me when I needed it and congratulated me when i deserved it. She is so motivating, I couldn't of done this without her help.'

Elle Hunt

Your fitness journey starts here, with me, together we can do it. My goal is to help you achieve the look and feel of a strong, lean, and sexy physique. Don't limit yourself. The body you have always wanted is only a few weeks away!


Personal Training

• 1 to 1 Private sessions 

• Educating, supporting and motivating you in a private gym

• Showing you the exact exercises/stretches to suit your body type, allowing you to get the most out of your workout 

• Specifically designed program cards to take home

• Nutritional advice

One session at a time £35
Book a course of 8 sessions and get the 9th free

Being fit is the new sexy! My carefully designed sessions will be specifically tailored for you to get the most complete workout to achieve fantastic results.


Nutrition is key! Healthy eating is THE most important part of weight control. I will work with you to create a diet that suits your lifestyle and give you all the guidance you need to a healthier you. Your body is a beautiful machine, don't feed it with bad fuel!

Group Sessions

• Private Group Sessions

• Workouts designed specifically for your group

• You choose a time that suits your group

• Share your goals and ambitions to become fitter, stronger and healthier with your friends and family

3 people
(price per group) £45

4 people
(price per group) £55

5 people
(price per group) £65

Hi, first of all, thank you for visiting my page and I hope you are having a fab day!

A little bit about me, I'm 22 years old, a qualified Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer. Deciding to become a Personal Trainer has been a positive changing point in my life! I was forced to leave school when diagnosed with Narcolepsy and Cataplexy (a rare sleep condition that causes excessive daytime sleepiness). My options were limited and my future plans to become an Interior Designer were crushed. However, I have found not only what keeps me happy, fit and strong, Personal Training keeps me awake! I feel far from my Narcoleptic self when I am training clients, I love to get involved with all my clients as I believe this motivates them to push themselves further than they would do by themself.

I absolutely love helping women achieve their fitness goals, it gives me such a boost! I've always been sporty, as a child I would take part in every possible activity from May-pole dancing to horse riding. I still love horses and riding is my favourite hobby, I try to compete once a week with my showjumper, Cilla.

I set up Belle Hutt Personal Training in November 2014. I went to Spain during the summer to do PT, working out on the beach is just a little more exciting than running down the road in Buckingham! I'm very lucky to have a private gym at my home in an out building, so there are no excuses for me when it comes to going to the gym! I have all the equipment you will need to fulfill your fitness goals and aspirations. A boxing bag, rowing machine, kettlebells, battleropes and much much more!

And, to top it off, my workouts are designed specifically for you, so if you really hate rowing for example, not to worry, there are plenty more exercises to do that you will definitely enjoy!


'At the consultation she was warm and respectful and the following day was my first session with her. I can honestly say I have never looked back.' 

Katie Ginger

'Belle has shown us how we can continue using high intensity (HIIT) workouts which suit our busy and time-poor lifestyle.'              

Stuart & Vanessa Woodward   

'Within the first 4 weeks I had lost one inch from EACH thigh and my waist!'

Nicola James



Couple Sessions

• A session for the two of you

• Get fit for your special day

• Experience the body changes together

• Motivate each other to become a healthier, happier and  stronger couple

£40 per session
Book a course of 8 and get the 9th free