'I have tried gyms before but always felt inadequate and had no clue what I was doing. I ran regularly but never saw a change in my weight or shape! So in January this year decided to take the jump to contact a personal trainer. That trainer was Belle. At the consultation she was warm and respectful and the following day was my first session with her. I can honestly say I have never looked back. I go 3 times a week and it is hard work but the results I have seen are great, not only physically but emotionally too! Within the first 4 weeks I had lost one inch from EACH thigh and my waist! Every session is different, which I love. It keeps it interesting and motivating. Belle is so encouraging and generally cares about her clients, their goal and how to get them there. Her enthusiasm is infectious. I have recommended Belle to anyone that will listen! I can't thank her enough. Xx'

Katie Ginger

Belle is great at motivating us, both through working out together (which is fun, if a little competitive) and individually when work stops one of us getting to a session. We set out to get 'wedding fit' and have both seen fantastic results in terms of core strength, look and feeling generally more healthy.

Whilst we have this goal in mind, Belle has shown us how we can continue using high intensity (HIIT) workouts which suit our busy and time-poor lifestyle. Belle has been really good at pushing us to keep going and to stick to the programme she has set, though we do occasionally see her in the pub whilst we are eating our burgers and she's drinking a sparkling water! It's embarrassing!

The barn set-up works brilliantly, on a summer day watching the horses in the paddock and the dogs playing outside is really relaxing. Ness particularly enjoys letting off steam on the punchbag after a day in the office. Belle has tailored the programme to suit our preferences and individual limits, focusing on ensuring we get maximum benefit from the high intensity sessions, but have some fun along the way. We drive home feeling exhausted and motivated in equal measures!

Vanessa and Stuart